The 2016 Sarah Browne

Sarah Browne, a mumma of two beautiful girls hails from a strong background in gymnastics and stumbled upon CrossFit when she was on a mission to get fit for an all girls surf trip in Sumbawa, Indonesia. The CrossFit Dromana athlete and competitive surfer, got hooked and has been CrossFitting since 2011. After representing in 2012 Regionals as a team competitor, Sarah has consistently dominated local comps as an individual and is well on her way to this years Australian Regionals. With a Grace of 1.52 and a 3.21 Fran, Sarah not only dominates the gymnastic metcons, but easily transitions to heavier WODS.

Proudest CrossFit moment:
Competing at the 2013 Immortals Challenge on the Rogue team with athletes I aspire to be like. Making the final top 5 teams, and doing fran against Talayna Fortunato in the final. It didn't matter that I got thrashed :). Also making the final in the 2012 Schwartz Challenge and finishing 11th overall.

Home affiliate:
Crossfit Dromana. Coached by Ross Forte and Cobi Head

Favourite Wod:
I love a chipper with a variety of movements so you don't get bored. Mentally, once you're done, you're done, and can move on. If I have to chose a benchmark WOD I'd say Grace. Double Grace, heavy Grace. Grace Grace.

Favourite CrossFit Movement:
This changes and thats exactly what I love about CrossFit. Once you master a movement you've been working towards it becomes your favourite. Performing it is your reward! But then a new goal, and new movement takes its place. I hated muscleups, now I love them. I hated snatches. I still hate snatches. My goal is to make heavy snatch my fav movement. Watch this space.

Favourite item:
The new singlets are amazing. Colours to suit any mood and such a flattering cut that doesn't cling when we sweat! The new shorts are also extremely flattering on all different crossfit body types.

How long have you been doing CrossFit:
I started in August 2011 after googling 'gyms' in my area to get fit for an overseas surf trip with my very fit surfing buddies. I started using bands for pull-ups and my first coach took the 15kg bar off me and replaced it with a broom handle. Thats seriously where I started.

The youngest of 3 children. I begged to do gymnastics growing up and the time spent in the gym was my favourite time. I started surfing much later, when I could drive myself to the surf and life got even better.

We have the most gorgeous old boy Samson. A elderly golden retriever.

Favourite foods;
The good ones, eggs, salmon, avocado, nuts, salads, clean food and lots of it! the bad ones, turkish bread and butter, white bread and butter, bread with bread

Role Models:
I admire a lot of different people for different things. I value kindness above giftedness. My fav athlete is Jess Coughlan, she's so strong as an athlete and just a humble gorgeous human.

When you’re not training:
I think about training ;). Eating, sleeping, laughing, hanging with my beautiful children and hubby, friends, beach, beach, beach... Oh and work. Im a theatre nurse.

First CD:
1927 compulsory hero

Live Superlative means to me:
Living authentically, striving to meet your own goals and enjoying the journey :) :) :)

Fav TV show:
Sorry. The Bachelor. I know I know. Don't judge me

Professional athlete in another sport:
Surfing would be the best professional sport but I would be destitute through lack of winnings.

What would you say to somebody starting out?
Stop thinking about it and just do it. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. We are all on a different journey with different challenges. Enjoy the journey, you'll never look back.

Fran 2.58rxd
Helen 8.46rxd
Grace 1.52rxd
C&J 85kg
BSquat 115kg
Snatch 62.5g
Deadlift 138kg
Max Pullups 52