The 2016 Michael Roach

Our first Athlete was none other than superhero, Michael Roach aka Clark Kent. Roach joined the army at the start of 2002 and was an armoured vehicle commander completing two tours of Iraq before finishing up as a recruit instructor at Kapooka Home of the Soldier. He started a career in fitness at the end of 2009 but became inspired by CrossFit athletes after watching the 2010 Austr
alian regional. 'I remember thinking to myself wow' how do these guys do it!" He remembers playing around with CrossFit until making the first Australian Regional and after that he took on a more serious approach and had taken a position at CrossFit Canberra as a coach.

He has since competed in the last three Australian Regionals. His goals are to just become the best he can and to find the best programming to get him there as he will never stop CrossFitting. "I love 21.15.NINE for not only the quality of goods but because of the driving force behind them, the values that they seek and the contribution they return back towards the military and CrossFit communities a like." 21.15.NINE is super excited to have Michael on board!

Proudest moment in fitness: 
When I improve each year in my standing at Regionals, this year I achieved 18th. I think also getting to compete next to people you can call you friends and celebrating there achievements.

What is your home affiliate?
Crossfit Canberra.

Favourite WOD?

Favourite Movement?

What’s on your playlist right now?
Magic by cold play

Favourite product of 21.15.NINE?
Have to be the classic tee.

What workout kicked your ass? 
1. Squat clean Elizabeth
2. Ben Schwartz's banded Fran from the Schwartz's challenge in 2012

Do you have any pets?
Brown english staffy named dekota.

Favourite Food?
Chicken I love chicken, also cant buy chocolate because I eat all of it and make myself sick.

Who are your role models?
President of Uruguay Jose Mujica and Chris Spealler!

What do you do when you’re not training?
When Im not training i love the movies!

What is the coolest place you’ve ever been to?
Probably Prague. Beautiful gothic city. Or the dessert on the border of Iraq and Suadi Arabia.

Favourite Rom Com?
Wedding Crashers!

What was the first CD you ever purchased?
Notorious BIG

What is your ideal first date
That would have to be doing something fun, love movies but a game of laser tag hits home!

What does “Live Superlative” Mean to you?
To be humble in your accomplishments and to encourage others to achieve theirs! Always striving for excellence!

What is your spirit animal?
Maybe a monkey because who doesn’t love pull ups TTB and muscle ups?!

Favourite TV show?
Suits and Game of Thrones

Fran 2.10
Helen 7.02
Karen 5.16
Grace 1.37
FGB 4.20
C&J 135 kg
Snatch 115 kg
Squat 195 kg
DL 215 kg
Pull Ups 78