The 2016 Kyle Frankenfield

Part owner and Head Coach at CrossFit Moorabbin, Kyle found CrossFit in 2011 and has committed to it 100%. With a childhood based around sport including state level swimming and Judo, high school saw him rowing for the Wesley First Eight where he was appointed Captain of Boats. Accidentally finding CrossFit, it's now become his career and Kyle has represented CrossFit Moorrabin at the Australian Regional's in 2012 (placing 21st) and 2013 (placing 13th) and also 2014 (placing 24th). With a Fran of 2.32, a 5.16 Jackie combined with 150kg Clean, 110kg Snatch post shoulder surgery and 200kg back squat, Kyle is a CrossFit powerhouse and a major contender for the Regional's Podium in 2015. We are stoked to have him join the 21.15.NINE Team!!

Proudest moment:
00 wod 2013 Regionals

Home Affiliate:
CrossFit Moorabbin

Favourite WOD:

Favourite movement:

Whats on your training Playlist?:
Classical, chilled, some weird French stuff

Favourite 21.15.NINE item:
The new Lilac tee! (Hulk 2.0)

What was your Childhood like?:
I was born in South Africa and brought up with a try it, make mistakes and learn attitude, this has served me well throughout my life. I have a younger brother who is always out to kick my ass in whatever we do and parents that support me and direct me where ever needed in life while at the same time teaching me the unpleasant reality of life which is mediocrity, forcing me to succeed beyond my wildest dreams, and always strive for more.
Any Pets?:
A cat “Schnapps” and a dog “Stella”

My favourite foods:
They range from Eggs and Bacon to Pizza to Steak its all mood dependent

My role models:
Are my Parents and anyone who has worked their ass off to succeed in life!

If I won a million dollars:
I would Open a bigger CrossFit gym...I mean invest

My Favourite place:
Zimbabwe in south Africa out on safaris and not seeing civilisation for weeks

My favourite Rom Com:
50 first dates

My First CD:
Eminem the Silm Shady LP

What does “Live Superlative” mean to you?:
Going above and beyond what you think you are capable of. 

My Spirit Animal would most likely be:
A Wildebeest one of the most deadly animals in Africa responsible for lots of deaths every year, can go on for days and days and can take on a lion and kick its ass because they are tough as F%$#

Favourite TV Show:
Big Bang Theory

In 5 years from now:
I see myself as a successful entrepreneur and recognised world class athlete.

What CrossFit Box would you like to visit next?
I would like to visit Jason K at one of his NCLAB boxes