The 2016 Jay Maryniak

Jay hails from no other than New York City, and is possibly one of the most impressive up and coming Calisthenic Athletes to keep your eyes on. Jay battled drug addiction and alcoholism when he was younger and when he finally got sober he found fitness. Jay started off training Muay Thai kickboxing. When training for an amateur fight he found CrossFit and became obsessed. CrossFit has completely changed Jay's life. Shortly after taking first place at an in house CrossFit competiton in March of 2013, Jay was hospitalized and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Life for the aspiring athlete has become pretty challenging with type 1 diabetes but it certainly doesn't stop him from dominating the sport of fitness. With a focus to compete at the North East Regionals Jay currently harbours a 545lb dead lift, 275lb power clean and 55 pullups as well as incredible advanced gymnastic skills like the iron cross. This is one athlete you MUST follow on Instagram @jtm_fitness.

Home affiliate:
I work out alone most of the time but do occasionally train at downstate CrossFit in Briarcliff, NY

Favorite WOD:
100 burpees for time

Favorite Functional Fitness moment:
Going to the CrossFit games in 2014

What’s on your workout playlist?:
My taste is so diverse. Some times I'm rocking out to Bring Me The Horizon and sometimes I'm blasting Bob Marley. It all depends on my mood

Favorite 21.15.NINE item?
The shirts. In all honesty these are the best shirts by far. The material all the way to how the shirts fit. Love these!

What WOD kicked your ass?
It may sound cliche but Fran has kicked my ass like no other workout has!

What was your childhood like?
My childhood was spent with my older brother and my mom. Single mom with two boys made life pretty tough at times. We struggled as a family but we always had what we needed. I played a lot of sports as
a toddler and kept busy. Baseball was the sport I excelled at.

Do you have any pets?
I’m an avid dog lover. I think pets are better then humans. I had a yellow lab for 14 years but he recently just passed away. He was definitely my best friend. I've just purchased a Black Lab puppy named Zoe.

Who is your biggest role model?
My mom has been a huge role model for me. She had shown me how to put others first and be selfless. She's a hospice nurse and just an awesome human being.

When I'm not training I like to:
skateboard and play the drums

The first CD I ever owned:
Green Day- dookie

What does “Live Superlative” mean to you? 
To be the absolute best person I can be. Ive devoted my life to helping others. Giving back is the answer to all of life's troubles. Being an amazing athlete is a very small part of what live superlative means. It's about who you are as a person 

What’s your spirit animal?:
I’m going have to say a kangaroo. I have a background in boxing and I can jump pretty high...

If you could be a professional athlete in any other sport, what would it be?
I would want to be a pro snowboarder/skateboarder.

What would you tell someone starting out in the sport of Fitness?
Find a really good trainer. It's all about the trainer

What is the next box you would like to visit?:
I would like to visit a box in Australia!