Where is my order?

There are a few possible scenarios for this one.

Scenario 1: It's too close to Christmas and Santa needs to contract our elves for making toys and putting the gumdrop-buttons on gingerbread men with the skilful precision that only ours can do.

Scenario 2: Your product is a pre-sale purchased as part of an exclusive Renegade release. If this is the case, you should be receiving an email promptly about the estimated shipping date of your products.

Scenario 3: You live in Western Australia. For whatever reason, AusPost likes to use an elderly donkey strapped with sacks of parcels to travel through the Outback and deliver products to our loyal customers. Please be patient with the Donkey, he is trying his best and will get to your door as soon as someone gives him some proper spring water laced with caffeine.

Scenario 4: We are out of the product you have purchased. We try our best to keep our inventory up to date on our website but sometimes, we are blindsided by minions who steal our bananas AND our products right out from under us. We will notify you immediately if this is the case.

How do I care for my garments?

Since our products are made from different materials, we suggest using different methods of cleaning and maintaining them.

Cotton/poly blend tees and singlets: Wash these ones as normal in cold water. They are pre-shrunk so we don’t expect them to come out looking like they would sooner fit Malibu Barbie than be squeezed over your biceps. Please avoid washing them with towels and do not dry them in the dryer. Hang them on a line so the neighbours can properly appreciate their beauty.

Nylon Shorts: Cold water wash on these ones as well please. Don’t let them end up in a dryer, either. In fact, just don’t dry our products, any of them. Tell your mum to put a lock on the dryer so you avoid it at all costs. I know she’s probably better at getting things to smell like flowers and leisurely Sunday Picnics, but let Mum sip her tea and read her kindle....do your own laundry.

Mesh tanks and everything else: Cold water wash again. IMPORTANT: To preserve the logo, make sure to lay the garment flat while it is still wet. This way, the logo will not stick to itself while it dries. Also, do not tumble dry. Just don’t.

How do I become a Renegade sponsored athlete?

We are stoked that you have scrolled to this portion of our FAQ’s! This probably means you are a dedicated athlete that takes their training seriously and are interested in improving yourself as much as possible. Our athletes embody everything that our “Defy Convention” mantra represents. They are hard-working, driven, humble and passionate individuals that compete in top-tier events both Australia and world-wide.

Our athletes and ambassadors are hand-picked specifically by our founder Carlz J Soda, and they constantly surprise us with their drive and willingness to succeed in their sport. They also have a strong presence on social media, and are willing to commit to Renegade (for the most part) on an exclusive level. They are more than just good athletes that sport our apparel, they are community advocates, coaches, teachers, and role models as well. If this sounds like you, please feel free to contact us at info@renegadex.com.au