The 2016 Christie Jenkins


The CrossFit Athletic Athlete joined fellow 21.15.NINE Athlete Sammy Wood this year at the CrossFit Games, and took on the Schwartz Challenge this weekend. After smashing out a 95kg Clean and Jerk PB Jenkins followed with a 100kg Clean PB, and continued to dominate some of the toughest WODs outside regionals. Finishing 7th overall, Jenkins has cemented her place among the best CrossFitters in the country. We are so excited to have Christie join Brandon Swan, Michael Roach, Kyle Frankenfeld, Jay Maryniak, Brent Fikowski, Sammy Wood, Sarah Browne, Carly Menzies, Jess Cooper and Maddie Sturt on the 21.15.NINE Team.

Proudest moments in CrossFit: 

Gold at the 2014 Australian Regionals with Crossfit Athletic competing at the 2014 Crossfit Games with Crossfit Athletic, including winning the first event (11th place finish overall), 7th place finish at Schwartz’s this year.
Home Affiliate:
Crossfit Athletic

Favourite WOD:
I loved the workout at the Games that was just for the girls. 50 med ball cleans (80 pounds), 50 muscles up, 100 handstand pushups to be completed between 3 people.

Favourite CrossFit Movement:
Since back flips haven’t quite made it into the list of standard movements I’ll have to go with handstand walking.

Favorite Item of 21.15.NINE:
I have to choose one…? At the moment I am loving the limited edition Jaguar Tank in black.

How long you've been CrossFitting for?:
2 and ½ years - since May 2012. But 2014 is the first year I’ve taken it seriously and trained more often than once or twice a week.
What WOD kicked your ass:
Again, just one? Fran is always a b*tch. Since the Games I have also developed an intense hatred for the worm.

In a nutshell, what was your childhood like?:
In a nutshell – awesome. My parents were supportive but not pushy. I fought with my younger brother all the time, and won most of the time. And I had some amazing opportunities to travel the world at a young age due to being an elite trampoline athlete.

Fran – 3:10
Grace – 2:06
C&J – 95kg
Backsquat – 125kg
Snatch – 70kg
Deadlift – 143kg
Max Pullups – 30