The 2016 Carly Menzies

Carly Menzies has been drawn to individual sports since high school, where she developed a talent for karate and cross country running. Although not naturally athletic, her commitment to training and determination to improve eventually led her to excel. In 2011, workmates introduced her to CrossFit while she was serving as a Marine Engineering Officer in the Royal Australian Navy - her first WODs were performed on the deck of a naval tanker at sea! It was love at first burpee.

She started training at an affiliate in 2012 and caught the competition bug later that year. 2014 has been a massive year for Carly. She qualified for her first Australia Regionals where she competed as an individual, travelled to the USA to try out for the NPFL at the Boston combine, and resigned from the Navy to become a full time CrossFit coach at CrossFit Superbox South and dedicate more time to training. Her primary goal is to return to Regionals as a stronger, more well-rounded athlete, and we're sure that her fire and passion for the sport will see her succeed in the near future!

Carly will be a formidable competitor in the local and national scene for years to come.

Proudest moments in CrossFit:
2nd @ Primal Pairs 2013 (mixed pair), 2nd @ 3vs3 Showdown 2014 (team), qualifying for Regionals 2014, PRing deadlift at NPGL combine (Boston USA) 2014, 2nd @ Battle in the South West II 2014 (individual).

Home Affiliate:
CrossFit SuperBox South, Mandurah WA

Favourite WOD:
Annie or Diane

On your workout playlist right now
"Beware the Dog" - The Griswolds; Chet Faker's cover of "No Diggety"

Favorite Item of 21.15.NINE:
'Jaguar' tank

How long you've been CrossFitting for:
2.5 years

What WOD kicked your ass:
Every WOD at Regionals 2014! I still have nightmares about handstand walks and strict HSPU.

Do you have any pets?:
Two adopted dogs, Laila (Rottweiler x Husky) and Aero (Border Collie x Kelpie).

First CD ever purchased?:
I think it was a Dixie Chicks CD. Please don't judge me, my taste in music has improved dramatically since then!!

What does “LIVE SUPERLATIVE” mean to you?:
Being true to yourself, living with integrity and purpose, and actively pursuing evolution into the best version of yourself.

Backstreet Boys for sure! "Larger Than Life" was my jam when I was 12.

What do you think is your spirit animal and why?:
A leopard. They're quiet, calculated and observant, and blend into their environment. They may not be the strongest or fastest of the cats, but they never back down from a fight against a bigger animal. Leopards get shit done.

What would you say to someone who is just starting out in CrossFit?:
Trust the process, enjoy the ride and never stop learning. Your Fran time doesn't define you as a human being.

Fran 3:29
Helen 7:55
Karen ?
Grace 2:58
FGB 315

C&J  77kg
Backsquat  110kg
Snatch  57kg
Deadlift 145kg

Max Pullups  34