Zeke and Maddie beat the heat in preparation for the CrossFit Games

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The CrossFit Games start in a little over a week and 2115Nine athletes Zeke Grove and Maddie Sturt are ready.

Preparation for the CrossFit Games

After qualifying for the CrossFit Games at the Pacific Regionals in May Zeke and Maddie have been preparing their minds and bodies for what will be the most challenging competition each have them have ever taken on.

Although both CrossFit Games rookies this year Maddie and Zeke have the distinct advantage of having former CrossFit Games Athlete Pip Malone and the coaching team from Give’m Cold Steel in their corner. The Give’m Cold Steel team and Pip have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to preparing and competing at the Games after Pip competed at Carson in both 2013 and 2014.


Taking on the heat of Carson California

Many athletes, both international and those from all over the USA, consider the heat of Caron, California in July of the biggest challenges of the 4-day competition, particularly when it comes to the longer workouts or those done in close succession. Who could forget the toll that the heat took on the likes of Annie Thorisdottir and Kara Webb during Murph last year? I know Annie and Kara haven’t and their preparation this year demonstrates just that.

Both Zeke and Maddie are confident that once they arrive in Carson they will quickly be able to acclimatise to the summer conditions. Zeke says, “I think once I land and expose myself to the heat for a few days I will be OK.”

Growing up on the Gold Coast Zeke is used to the heat of an Australian Summer and spent part of his time this year preparing for the CrossFit Open in Bali while Maddie has been training outside in the sun in the middle of the day as often as her busy work and study schedule will permit.

A milder year

The weather forecast for Carson, California for the week of the CrossFit Games this year is currently predicting considerably milder conditions than last year with top temperatures hovering between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius each day. With any luck these milder conditions will ensure that Zeke and Maddie and all the athletes at this year’s CrossFit Games will be able to perform at their best and put on the performance of a lifetime.

The team from 2115Nine would like to wish Zeke and Maddie and all the athletes at this year’s CrossFit Games the best of luck – we will be cheering for you from the stands for those lucky enough to attend in person and through our computer screens for those staying at home. Go get ‘em!


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