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“I’ll start after Christmas! In fact, it’ll be my new year’s resolution!”

We get it - and we completely understand where you’re coming from. I mean, who would want to be DIETING at Christmas. There’s cakes, chocolates, barbeques and so much more! This time of the year is certainly not the right time to be depriving yourself!

But, in our opinion, it doesn’t have to be! Here are our tips on how to stay on track over Christmas, and have your cake and eat it too!

Paleo, Atkins, Raw Vegan - which diet should I choose!?

Name a diet, and we’ve tried it... and the great thing is: most diets work. If I told you to do Atkins for a month, you’d probably do it, and you’d see great results. The problem with any kind of restrictive diet, is that when the 25th December rolls around, everything flies out the window. Then it’s the 26th, the 31st, and the 1st of January - and before you know it, you’ve gained everything back within a week that you’ve worked so hard to lose.

Enter IIFYM, or If it fits your macros.

IIFYM, or flexible dieting, is an approach to dieting that doesn’t leave out any food groups. We look to hit our pre-determined macro targets in order to reach our goals - be they fat burning or muscle building. Let us firstly say that 80% of the time we really do recommend a paleo diet, filled with nutrient rich, quality foods. However, in saying that - IIFYM allows us to do that, while still enjoying the important times of the year, like Christmas.

A “macro” is simply short for macronutrient –  there are 3 main macronutrients to consider:

✓ Carbohydrates

✓ Protein

✓ Fats

To keep is simple: In IIFYM world, a calorie is a calorie and meal timing, frequency and size do not matter.

There are so many things that come into play with flexible dieting, but we wanted to break it down to our top tips for Christmas.

Don’t go over your target

The first step of IIFYM is figuring out what your body needs. Each of us has a metabolic rate that burns differently to the next, and taking individual goals into consideration - we each require different targets. Once you know these, stick to them like GLUE! This is your foundation and will be the path for success. Treat it as a non negotiable rule.

Plan ahead

Know exactly what you’re in for. Find out what everyone is bringing, and give yourself some room to play with. Before you begin your indulgence, find out what’s for dessert! Before you arrive, flip out My Fitness Pal and plan your day backwards. You may have to skimp out a little at breakfast and lunch, but it’ll be well worth it! Make sure your protein is spread out during the day, but save the carbs and fats for your feast. You may hit 50-70% of your targets in one meal!.. (Don’t get into any habits, but it’s a good solution for Christmas)

Do some damage control

Generally, we look at macros as a daily target. However, for this week we recommend looking at it as weekly. Let’s say you have given yourself 200g carbs each day. We suggest hitting 190 for 6 days, and then adding the 60 leftover onto Chrissy day. The same can go for your fats.

Know what you’re eating

Bring scales and weigh your food! - Yes, be that guy. And be confident about it. Be that person who has complete control of their diet. Your family and friends will look up to you and wonder how you got all this willpower. Stop when you’ve hit your targets, and drink lots of water. Your body is going to need a good flush of all the sugars.

Remember what’s important to you

Is it spending time with family, or is it stuffing your face? We think the former, and it’s fair to celebrate this time with your family with great food. Just remember not to focus on the food. Take in the surroundings and be grateful for your family :)

How to recover

Congratulations! Chocolate, cake, burgers and more may have “fit your macros”, but let’s be real here. Your digestive system, liver and gut have probably taken a little bit of a beating for the cause (thank you body!) Get active the next day, drink water and overload on the veggies. Your systems would be working in overdrive to eliminate toxic waste, and your body will need all the micronutrients it can to perform these functions. Don’t regret your choices, but thank your body for allowing you to celebrate, and help it recover.

And as always, track everything! Ignorance is not bliss in this circumstance. Knowing exactly what you’re doing is key - and eyeballing or guesstimating at a time like this is not idea. Make every decision mindfully and always have your goals at the FRONT of your mind. Do not give in to that little voice that says “one day won’t hurt!” because that voice is evil and wants us to fail. It’s life throwing us tests... defeat them.

We suggest getting your plan of attack together now - Christmas doesn’t have to be a blow out, and with the right plan you can get through it without any consequences.

Need help? We are the body transformation specialists, and want to support you towards your goals. Email to find out more.

Kayla Banfield

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