16.1 - You gotta work

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The moment we had all been waiting for, 16.1 has been announced and its a workhorse of a WOD! Small manageable reps, and one of longest ever Open AMRAPs at 20 mins. 

20 min AMRAP: 

25-ft. overhead walking lunge (95lb/65lb) 
8 bar facing burpees 
25-ft. overhead walking lunge (95lb/65lb) 
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups 

We're in for a doozy. Lets take a look at the movements: 

25-ft. overhead walking lunge 

For us metric folk, this distance is 7.26m. Now this isn't all that far, but you don’t want to be putting the bar down halfway - it will just chew through precious time and take more effort to pick the barbell up more often. You need to go in with the attitude that every time you get that bar up you will only clean it once and don’t stop until you reach the end. Keep the grip close (if you have the mobility), and keep your arms locked out so that you can distribute that load as much as possible through the rest of the body. 

8 Burpees 

I always tell my athletes in classes, burpees are a bit like running - no matter how fast you are, if you are stopping and breaking, you will never catch up to that person may be moving slower but continuing to grind along through the movement continuously. Go with a sustainable pace from the start and just keep moving. Adjust your pace if needed, but don’t stop moving and focus on keeping your breathing smooth for as long as possible. 

8 chest-to-bar pull-ups 

If you are going to break up any of the reps in the workout, be smart and do it on the pull ups from the very start. The pull ups are the one movement in this workout that rely primarily on a concentric movement in an isolated extremity, e.g. this movement will most likely fatigue due to the strength requirement. Break it up smart. Here is a guide in relation to your max C2B pull ups, to give you some strategies: 

If you have 20+ unbroken chest to bar pull ups = go unbroken. 

If you have 10 – 15 = break your reps into 4+4. 

If you have 5 – 10 = break your reps into 3+3+2. 

Less than 5 pull ups = go with doubles or singles. 

Keep your rest periods short and sharp in between sets stay sub maximal and to keep moving. 

This workout is a grind. You just need to get in and do the work, which goes for any workout really, but particularly this one! Good luck and remember above all else - just have some fun and do your best! 

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