Does size really matter?

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In a world where elite sports people are increasingly getting taller, CrossFit seems to bucking this trend, with the speed in which each movement can be completed, having a smaller range of motion is an advantage.

CrossFit HQ released the average sizes of each athlete, both male and female, that have qualified for the regional selections.

The average male is 26, weighs 86kg (191lb) and is 5’10” (177cm) and the average female is 28, weighs 64kg (142lb) and is 5’5” (165cm).

So what does that mean for our taller athletes? Do we just pray for every workout in the open to consist of wallballs, rowing and box jumps? And what about the shorter athletes, do they bide their time until we see high rep thrusters and pull ups? Or do we look at the stats from around the world and move to a different region?

By looking at the top five male and female athletes from each region, we can find a few places that might be more suitable for those people that don’t fit in to the average mould.

Let’s find a place for the shorter athletes. The latin american region comes in at 5’7”, three inches below the average with a weight average of 78kg (9kg lighter) but for those a little heavier then the North East region is yours, they’re also 5’7” but weigh in at 84kg. For the females, Canada East and South East are both 3inches below the average height, but if you are a lighter athlete then you don’t have to travel too far, the Asian region has the lightest average for females 4kg below with a weight of 60kg.

What about the taller and/or heavier athletes. The tallest region is Canada West, with a height of 5’11”, they also have an average weight of 92kg (205lb) Canada East also has a higher than average weight with 91kg. Canada looks like the perfect place to go for the bigger athletes. The heaviest region for the males is North Central, they weigh in at 93kg, surprisingly they are exactly the same as the average height across all athletes.

For the older female athletes, Latin America is the place to be, with an average age of 31 and for the men Nor Cal has an average age of 30.

There are always going to be exceptions to the rule, one of the biggest exceptions comes from the Australian region, Chad MacKay is 33 (7 years above average), 6’1” (3 inches above average) and 100kg (14kg above average). Majority of the time statistics don’t lie however this is proof that a great athlete will progress no matter what statistics say.

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