CrossFit Open - 15.4 Wraps up

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15.4 threw a major curveball to the CrossFit community, with an increasing rep range of Handstand Pushups and 85kg Cleans, only those that are strong in both areas were able to advance further up the leaderboard.

The strong competitors that have no issues with the weight, were caught out on the handstand pushups. While the bodyweight ninjas that flew up the wall got stuck on the heavier cleans and as usual, the well rounded competitors thrived. So let’s see how the 21-15-Nine crew managed with it this week.

The Girls:

Sammy Wood remains the highest placed 21-15-Nine athlete, currently sitting in 11th and well entrenched inside the regionals cut-off. It’s going to take a major catastrophe for her to miss out on a regionals berth at this point. Her score of 117 reps, (she finished the 21 Handstand Pushups and 6 cleans following) was good enough for 41st place in this workout.

Christie Jenkins still sits in 25th place, 32 points inside the regionals cut off, she is still going to have to work hard to remain inside the top 30. Christie also managed 117 reps but was 1 place ahead of Sammy due to her faster split time.

Maddie Sturt slipped back a few places to now be 39th overall. 104 reps was the 86th best score in Australia. She is currently 42 points away from 30th position and still well in contention to make it to Regionals. With a lot of movements still yet to come up in the Open, we can expect the next Wod to be a gasser, which should suit Maddie and give her a great chance of sneaking in.

Carly Menzies moved up 2 places to now be 41st overall and 74 points away from the top 30. A gassy workout would also suit Carly and a good score for the final week of the Open could also have her sneak inside the regionals cut off. Carly scored 108 reps for 15.4 which was the 63rd best score in Australia.

Sarah Browne had a major move up the board to now be sitting in 56th place, her 123 reps was the best of the 21-15-Nine girls and the 32nd best in Australia. Sarah is currently placed 2nd in Australia in the 40-44 age category and 22nd in the world, which comfortably has her inside the regionals qualification for that age bracket.

Now the boys:

Brandon Swan is still sitting in 4th place in Australia, his score of 144 reps was the 7th best score and has him well and truly inside the regionals cut off. Brandon is also sitting inside the top 50 in the world with an overall placing of 41. Brandon finished last year with a world ranking of 34, and it would be a great achievement for him to place higher this year.

Kyle Frankenfeld had another clinical performance this week and moved back in to the top ten to now be sitting in 8th. His 134 reps was the 22nd best score in Australia, and there is no doubt his consistency has been the key to his high placing in this year’s Open. Hopefully this continued hard work will get him closer to the top!

Michael Roach slipped back a couple of places this week to be in 62nd place. Michael scored 102 reps which was the 189th best score for 15.4. It’s going to have to take something special for Michael to sneak his way in to regionals qualification, but this is for sure, he isn’t going to leave anything to chance and will put everything he has into posting a great score for 15.5.

With 1 week left we currently have Sammy, Christie, Sarah, Brandon and Kyle all sitting inside the regionals cut off, with Maddie and Carly both within striking distance of the top 30. Get behind the athletes guys, send them your messages of support.

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