CrossFit Open 15.2 - Wrap up

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It seems as though every year the CrossFit Open repeats a workout. This year has proven to be no exception as 15.2 was a much-anticipated repeat of 14.2. Repeating Open wods is a great way to see how you’ve progressed from the previous year, and it seems that all of our 21-15-Nine athletes have improved their scores a fair bit from 14.2. 

Let's take a look at how the athletes are progressing 2 weeks in.

The Girls:

Sammy Wood is still leading the charge and has moved her overall position Australia-wide up from 9th to 7th. Her 249 reps was enough for a 25th placing in this workout, and an improvement of 45 reps from last years' performance. 

Christie Jenkins has slipped back a few positions from last week, moving from 13th overall to 21stShe’s still inside the Regionals cut-off after scoring 199 reps and landing herself 61st place in 15.2.  She made a massive improvement of 68 reps higher than last year's score. 

Maddie Sturt has been pushed within striking distance of the regional cut-off with her 29th place performance in this workout. Not only did she improve her score from last year by an unbelievable 107 reps, but her score has moved her from 48th to 34th place in the running. 

Carly Menzies also had a massive improvement both in overall positioning and from last years workout. She moved up in the rankings by 17 places from 77th to 60th,  but even more amazing was her 118 rep improvement from last year. Her score of 258 is the 17th best score by any Australian woman, and the best female score from the 21-15-Nine crew.

Sarah Browne moved up 8 spots from her position last week. She made a 50 rep improvement from last years score, and getting close to that 200 rep mark by pushing out 197 was good enough to place her 70th in Australia and help her move in the right direction towards that top 30.

Now the Boys:

Brandon Swan is still the top placed male 21-15-Nine athlete and holds on to his 3rd position overall in Australia. His performance this week has moved him up from 87th in the world to 62ndThe proof of how hard the competition is becoming lies in the scores from 2014. Last year, a score of 272 put him in 13th place. While this year, although he increased his score by 61 reps, 333 could only bring him as far as 12th.

Kyle Frankenfeld moved into the top ten this week by finishing 36th with a score of 277, an 8 rep increase from last years score of 269. Kyle looks to be well entrenched in the top 30 cut off alongside Brandon.

Michael Roach had a massive jump in the right direction this week moving from just inside the top 100 at 97 to now be sitting in 74th. His 266 reps was good enough for 77th and was 6 reps better than the score he achieved last year. With 3 more events he is still a chance to sneak his way up inside the top 30.

The 21-15-Nine crew continue to perform at a high level and have all solidified their top 100 positioning. With Sammy, Christie, Brandon and Kyle all sitting within the Regionals Qualifying Cut-off, let’s hope that Maddie, Carly, Sarah and Michael can all keep pushing up the leaderboard. Let’s get around em!!!


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