CrossFit Open - 15.1 Wrap up.

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After weeks of anticipation and preparation, the first event of the CrossFit Open finally dropped.  With all the speculation of what the workout would be, no one predicted that it come in two separate pieces.  The workout was a perfect combination of traditional CrossFit Met-Con with Olympic lifting.

All those expecting fitness to play the major factor as it has in previous years, would have been caught out with a 6 minute Clean and Jerk immediately after a 9 Minute AMRAP of 15 Toes to Bar, 10 Deadlifts and 5 Snatches.

There are 8 athletes representing 21-15-Nine at this years Open, all of which have started with a bang, and sit within the top 100 (out of 15,752 registered participants in Australia).  With only the top 30 men and top 30 women making it through to Regionals this year, every rep counts.

Let’s take a look at the girls.

Sammy Wood leads the charge currently sitting in 9th place. Sammy was one of only 31 women to make it through 200 reps in 15.1, then hit an impressive 98kg (215lb) Clean and Jerk for 15.1a

Christie Jenkins is also well within the top 30 bracket sitting in 13th position. A solid rep count of 189 for 15.1 had her finish 59th, then backed it up with a 94kg (207lb) Clean and Jerk which was the 13th best in Australia. Christie is currently focusing on Beach Volleyball, amazing to think what she could achieve if she focused solely on CrossFit.

Maddie Sturt also sits in the top 50 after the first event ranked 48th. 183 reps in 15.1 was enough for a rank of 78 and finished the workout off with an 85kg (187lb) Clean and Jerk to be the 69th best lifter.

Sarah Browne and Carly Menzies nearly mirrored each other, both amassing 182 reps in 15.1 to be ranked 87th in Australia, then just a one pound advantage to Sarah with 179lb against Carly’s 178lb, this gave Sarah an overall ranking of 77 to Carly’s 78.

Now the Men.

Brandon Swan The 3 time Games competitor opens up his account to sit 3rd in Australia. Brandon even more impressively is 87th worldwide. He delivered a 216 rep performance in 15.1, which was enough to finish in 16th place. Then a massive 143kg (315lb) Clean and Jerk had him placed 29th. The scores for the Clean and jerk are slightly skewed due to a number of weightlifters competing and posting small scores for 15.1 only to post massive scores for 15.1a.

Kyle Frankenfeld is also well inside the top 30 placing 12th currently. He showed his mental ability to push through the pain barrier and racked up 223 reps in 15.1 to finish 6th then backed it up with a 134.5kg (296lb) Clean and Jerk which placed him 94th for that portion.

Michael Roach rounds out the mens team sitting in 99th. He came  close to breaking that 200 barrier with 192 reps for 15.1, which was good enough to place him 132nd for that portion of the event. Big oly lifting not being a major strong point for Michael, he still managed to Clean and Jerk 100.5 (227lb) to finish in 224th for 15.1b.

Over all it was an impressive start to the Open from the 21-15-Nine crew. Let’s make sure we get behind them all for 15.2 and cheer them on as they keep pushing up that leaderboard.

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