17.2 - Shoulder and Grip endurance

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 17.2 (Grip and Shoulder endurance)


12min AMRAP of:
2 rounds of
50ft walking lunge (25ft turn around) @ 15/22.5kg front rack DB’s
16 toes to bar
8 Dumbell power cleans


2 rounds of
50ft front rack lunge
16 bar muscle ups
8 Dumbell power cleans


Initial thoughts on the workout is more about grip, muscular endurance, pacing, timing and strategy vs out right fitness like last week. In fact I do not see it being very gassey for many people. Some people it will be very gassey if your gymnastics are up to scratch. Of course the heart rate will be up BUT your heart rate and aerobic fitness is UNLIKELY (not impossible) to be your limiting factor. The heart rate factor WILL affect your gymnastic movements though. The higher heart will make the gymnastics harder however maintaining grip and hand health will be your number one priority. We saw even games athletes breaking toes to bar in the first round and multiple breaks on muscle ups from there on in. Of course these guys get 3-5mins to prepare and I am sure others will blow the scores on display out of the water later BUT I still think breaking up a bit earlier than you think might pay dividends towards the tail of the workout as the dumbells take their toll.

The separator will be the bar muscle ups 100%

At the time of writing this I THINK I saw Rich get 1 bar muscle up out as the buzzer went off on a live stream. So he got 2 rounds of toes to bar, 2 rounds bar muscle ups another two rounds of toes to bar and then 1 bar muscle up.


Kari won the show down. Her splits were roughly

Round 1 toes to bar- 1min 30
Round 2 toes to bar- 1min 38

Round 1 (3) bar muscle ups- Approx 2min 45
Round 2 (4) bar muscle ups- Approx 2min 45

Round 1 (5) toes to bar 1min 54
Round 2 (6) toes to bar 13 toes to bar


Make sure you mobilise your triceps and lats to allow the DB to sit on your shoulders. Try to hold the DB handle on top and allow the whole DB to sit on your shoulders. As long as your hands are still holding the handle. By the rules……… NOT just a finger but holding the DB

Break up reps early. This does not mean have lots of rest between breaks. It means break shake out and get back up on the bar or pick up DB’s. The closer you get to failure on a toes to bar or bar muscle up the longer it will take to back up and go again. If you have small breaks and all most give the impression you are always moving you should cut through the reps a bit quicker.

I would highly recommend keeping your own count or having a judge let you know when you are CLOSE to finishing the DB power cleans. Rather than do 8 power cleans place down and then redo a 9th power clean to start your lunges instead drop at 5 or 6 leaving 2 or 3 power cleans to do before moving straight into the lunges.

Without having done the workout yet I personally think it is working going a little quicker on the lunges IF you can and walk through the lunge rather than a stutter step and bring feet together first in the hope of having the dumbells on your shoulders for a smaller amount of time. I will leave it up to you if you put the DB’s down at the turn around point. It makes sense to a quick swivel BUT you might like a QUICK break and a chance to shake out the hands.

If you are at a 1rm bar muscle up and fail PLEASE do not rest 5seconds and re attempt then re attempt and re attempt and re attempt with fail after fail after fail after fail. Please just be sensible and get them out without failing.

Not that you need to worry too much about it BUT Kari took 8 steps per set of lunges and she is quite short so you may get away with 7 steps per turn around


General none specific warm up, shoulder mobility, hip opening etc. Graduated progression to toes to bar and bar muscle ups consisting of some hollow rocks and superman holds, small tight kips on bar progressing to bigger kips. A few strict pull ups and push ups working towards probably less than 5 TOTAL bar muscle ups before the workout.

Spend some time working on your glutes and hammies and low back more so if you retested 17.1, 30 times.

Do a run or two and get a gauge of how many steps it might to do your lunges foot placement etc. I doubt that will matter once you start


If you are prone to having a brain fart once the workout starts ensure you tell your judge to MAKE you break accordingly to YOUR ability level. Stay on track, monitor your rest breaks and don’t let them blow out to long. Remember shorter quicker sets, less reps, give the appearance of constant movement. Break the power cleans BEFORE 8 to avoid a 9th rep to start the lunges. Step fast, lunge through rather than stutter.

Preserve grip strength


If your hand health is ok it is a workout that you should be able to repeat without too much risk for injury as long as you cool down and prep for another bout in a day or two. It is a workout I think you will do better at after some experience with it to start. As the workout is a little different to what we would normally expect in the open you will learn a thing or two about how you personally can approach the workout having done it.

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