Paleo Pizza

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Use one medium sized Cauliflower to chop up into smaller parts and then put through a food processor.

Place into a bowl along with 3 whisked eggs, salt and pepper, 1/3 cup of flaxseed and mixed herbs.

make sure to use baking paper when cooking the base as it will stick to the pan.

 Press down firmly with about an inch of thickness for the base.

You will need to pre-cook the base before putting on your toppings for around 15 minutes.


Here is where you can get creative. I chose to do a half/ half pizza.
I decided my two proteins one which is chicken and the other was ham & bacon. You can also choose a Sauce for the base. A tomato base always works best!!!

From there add you decided veggie combinations.

Once your pizza is at your desire return to the oven at about 180 deg celcius to allow the toppings to cook.

Keep a close eye as some toppings do cook quicker than others. Depending on the quality of your oven you may need to pre cook the meats slightly before placing on top of the pizza.

Then cut into pizza slices and serve


The slices can be picked up and enjoyed just as if eating a "real" pizza. You can taste all the flavours with every mouthful, so be careful after trying these you will be craving pizza more often.




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