16.5 is......14.5!

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16.5 is……..14.5!

The final WOD of the CrossFit Open, thrusters and burpees – what else did we expect?! A deadly combo, with no time cap, just get in there and get it done!

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Men use 95 lb/43 kg
Women use 65 lb/29 kg

Let’s not kid ourselves - we all new thrusters were coming - but I think no one really expected to have to do bar facing burpees again. As we know from 2014, this one is a lung-buster of epic proportions. You just need to get in to grip, rip and keep moving. Both movements have a large range of motion, which includes both extremities (lower and upper) as well as a substantial amount of hip drive. You are generating power at your core to move your extremities. This takes a large toll on all your energy systems. Let’s break down the workout.


This is the movement where we need to stick to a manageable pace. Break the reps down into chunks, and above all else and ensure you aren’t resting too long in between sets. Stay over the bar in your rest periods, try not to wander around too much. You need to stay focused on the task at hand. The 18s and 15s are where this workout is won and lost. There is 168 total reps and once you have finished the 15s, you are already 2/3rds of the way through. Keep it steady during these rounds and push the pedal down a little harder from the 12s right through to the 3s.


Bar facing burpees

Just. Keep. Moving. Thrusters and burpees by themselves are high work capacity movements, but when combined in a couplet, they are like nothing else. You will need to dig deep on these reps, adjust your pacing and just grind through the work. Your lungs will hurt, your body will tell you that you need to stop and have breaks – do not listen. The best way to get through these burpees is to simply get through them. You can step them down, step them up and jump over the bar. Move at a pace that you can stay in control without redlining, but it will be crucial for you to stay unbroken on these reps.

A popular technique being used for bar facing burpees that we’ve seen this year is to drive one foot further forward than the other when you jump up, before taking your second foot to join it. This allows you to get closer to the bar before jumping over it and will give you additional speed – particularly for taller athletes. Practice your technique for these prior to the workout to ensure you’re going to be moving in the most efficient way possible for your capacity.

This is the last workout – get in there and give it your best effort! Congratulations on getting to the end of this year’s Open, whether it be your first time, or one of many – it is a massive feat to have achieved. Good luck and as always, keep us posted with how you go! Before we know it, it will be time to start putting in the work in preparation for next year!




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