16.3 - Grip and Rip

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Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 power snatches
3 bar muscle-ups

Men use 75 lb. 34 kg
Women use 55 lb.
25 kg

This workout is going to divide the few from the many. The bar muscle ups will be a sticking point for many, but the upside is there will be first-time bar muscle ups being hit across Australia and around the world! One of my favourite things about the Open is that it pushes people to do and achieve things they didn’t think possible. For those who have both movements down, pacing will be paramount to staying in that maximal work zone without going too fast and blowing a gasket, or not pushing it enough and moving too slowly. So let’s break it down.


This will be a relatively light workout for most people. If 34kg/25kg is relatively light for you, the fastest and most effective way to do these will be a muscle snatch that mimmicks a KB swing more than a muscle up. This was used to great effect today during the live announcement, as well as by many Regionals athletes on ‘Randy’ last year.

This movement has two effects. One, it is faster to turnover and doesn’t require a second hip opening at the top like in a traditional power snatch in which the bar is received with bent legs. Two, it loads the posterior chain and lessens the power requirement of the hips slightly, which will limit the fatigue felt on the bar muscle ups (which are predominately a hip driven movement).

For those for whom this weight is moderately heavy, e.g. your power snatch is less than 60kg/40 kg - a more traditional power snatch movement will probably be more effective. If you are at the higher end of the snatch numbers above, e.g. 50kg/35 kg, you can probably think about keeping the reps touch-and-go style. If you are not, be smart, move well and hit singles from the start. Save those legs.

Muscle ups

If you have them, and have them well, it is going to be about work capacity and keeping those transitions sharp to limit fatigue. It’s all in the hips.

If you have muscle ups, but aren’t super proficient - still try to stay as unbroken for as long as possible, if you have an effective kip it is always more efficient coming off the top rather than restarting from the bottom.

If you are pretty close but haven’t quite got your muscle ups, then today’s the day grab your coach and hit some tech beforehand. After that, just get in there and get it done, you’ve got this!! There is technique to bar muscle ups and work with your coach will most certainly help this, but when it comes to getting those first few muscle ups, what is just as important is confidence and what I like to call a ‘controlled aggression’. I once taught my younger brother, Jim, to bar muscle up (keeping in mind he had a strong kip, pull ups and dips) by telling him “he had 10 seconds to do a muscle up or I would punch him”. Am I telling you to get your coach to punch you? No, not at all! What I am saying is that commitment to the movement and confidence in your capability can be just as important with the bar muscle up as technique work. All Jim was thinking was, I don’t want to get punched - I need to get up there! Which caused him to commit to the movement.

Regardless of your muscle up ability, go and watch this video CrossFit conveniently released yesterday it will help you out no end. https://www.facebook.com/crossfit/videos/10153283854647676/

As always, good luck – and let us know how you go with this one!

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