Discovering CrossFit

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My Crossfit journey started around 12 months ago now. Walking into the box for the first time I thought to myself "I got this" I would say I was reasonably fit -- a gym junkie plus a state premier league soccer player as well. I was quite anxious though because  anyone knows if you google crossfit to say the least the people you see on the computer screen are absolute beasts!! Just a tiny bit intimidating....

Meeting my coach he proceeded to show us around the gym which I was quite surprised " where is all the equipment?" I began to tell him how I went to fitness first and did this class and that class and said I have experience with lifting weights as my favourite class was Pump class. He laughed at me, I now understand why. 

After that first foundations alone I was hooked! Crossfit became my second home and my fitness family. I loved everything about it and each day strived to improve. That's what I love about crossfit... you always have a weakness to work on, a PR to beat a time to push. You can't rely on being satisfied or you become comfortable and won't see improvements. 

The first skill I wanted to master was the Kipping pull up getting off those bands was a massive goal of mine. Within the first month I lost more skin on my hands than I had off my knees from playing soccer for 10 years. But I just seen those wounds as hard work and dedication. 

I had always been involved in team sports most of my life and sometimes felt some team mates wouldn't have the same passion and drive and will to win as I did. That never say die mentality, heart & passion cannot be taught.... You either have it or you don't. Crossfit is reliant on you, yourself alone to practise, push, persists and prepare yourself every step of the way. 

It pushes you to conquer the never ending battles with your body and more importantly your mind. It threw me into some very confronting situations with battling the demons of pain & throwing in the towel mid WOD. I can honestly say that my mental strength is a lot more resilient these days. I struggled with body image and people's perceptions of myself.  I would do everything in my power to create a somewhat strong, confident and exuberant exterior to hide the negative, doubtful unhappy interior.

CrossFit has taught me to embrace the meaning of a healthy body & mind. To once again enjoy and love to keep myself fit and not to punish myself or deprive my body just to fit into the  called "perfect" mold. It has made me realise what I am capable of achieving and to never hold back. It has helped me like "me" again I love that I have now found a place where every session is something new. Where the people that train beside me will push me just as hard as I push them. I now have the courage to try new things and am not ashamed to be called the athletic girl or to have muscles. 

I now have a new commitment, dedication and passion for a healthier life and a drive and hunger to be that little bit better than what I was yesterday. 

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  • This looks delicious! I enjoy the new blog and have followed you on Instagram. Going to try and make this, but what is “apple butter”? It’s not something I’ve come acros (I’m from South Africa)

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